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shared kinship, shared wisdom, shared knowledge

Established in 2010, hardyhardy (formerly bellwood hardy is a design studio, specialising in interior (spatial), product design and cultural research that connects the design process with Country, bringing an active voice of Country into the design process. By interweaving 'two eyed seeing', a gift of multiple perspectives, hardyhardy seek to create places and products  of belonging with Country, where no-one (human, non-human or more-than-human) are left behind. Hardy collaboratively and quietly (re)Dreams, reflects, regenerates and heals Country using the Dharug philosophy of ‘yanama budyari gumada’ (to walk with good spirit).

Drawing from diversity, two ways of knowing, that is humble yet rich in cultural heritage, qualified design acumen, and connections with Country as well as the local and international design and construction community, hardyhardy provide  with down to earth processes that seek to stand the test of time and and belong to Country.



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